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The National Brain Appeal raises money to help those with neurological conditions. There are 14.7m people affected in the UK.

The hospital treats patients with a huge variety of neurological issues, and just a few of these include: stroke, Parkinson’s disease, brain cancer, epilepsy, brain injury, dementia, prion disease, Huntington’s disease, multiple sclerosis and a host of neuromuscular conditions.


people are diagnosed with a neurological condition each year


UK hospital bed days were
reported for neuro patients


is the estimated cost of neurological disease to the NHS every year


people act as carers for those affected

*Statistics from The Neurological Alliance

Queen Square is the largest clinical neuroscience provider in the UK, and assesses those with the most complex and difficult disorders from across the country.

While the majority of patients are referred from London, more than 30% come from across the rest of England. The hospital also treats complex international cases.

Over the next 20 years, Queen Square aims to deliver ambitious clinical and research strategies that will drive a major improvement in the outcome and quality of life for every individual with a neurological disorder. 


were admitted to The National Hospital in 2018-2019


neurosurgical operations take place every year


outpatient appointments were held at The National Hospital in 2018-2019

Neurological conditions are the third most common reason for emergency hospital admission. Due to life expectancy increasing in the UK, a larger burden has now been placed on the NHS, and with the higher prevalance of neurological disease connected to older age, this issue will only become greater.

This is why our aim is to support The National Hospital and the UCL Queen Square The Institute of Neurology to carry out new research and find innovative treatments to help the ever-growing number of people affected by neurological conditions.

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