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Tick all the right boxes

The admin team are hard at work processing all donations before the close of the tax year in just a few days time. Leigh and Alex are closing off all transactions and making sure that everything is complete with donations, grants and fundraising amounts.

One really important way of maximising income for The National Brain Appeal is through Gift Aid which, in just three years, has allowed us to claim back an amazing £150,000 on top of the funds already raised.

Our supporters are a varied and adventurous bunch – from cyclists, runners and hill-walkers, to disco organisers and zumbathoners – and many raise money for The National Brain Appeal by using online sponsorship schemes such as JustGiving or VirginGiving. “These are really great initiatives,” says Leigh. “People nowadays do so many transactions online and all they have to do is click the Gift Aid box and add another 25p for every pound they raise or donate.

So, when you are sponsoring someone to do something amazing, please don’t forget to tick that important box.

If you’re not sure whether you registered for Gift Aid, please email Leigh.

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