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“Bye Mum, just off to work!”

I’m Rosie, a fifteen year old on work experience at The National Brain Appeal. This year at school has been really hectic due to countless amounts of GCSE exams and coursework. When I found out that I would be starting work experience I was really excited – it was a chance to get away from exams and do something really fun.

I’ve worked with The National Brain Party before, helping out at an event in Brunswick Square called “Fayre on the Square”, carrying around a massive pink unicorn and asking people to guess its name. It was a brilliant experience, everyone wanted to have a try to raise money for the fantastic appeal – even if they didn’t want to lug home the prize of a massive unicorn!

I think what I have really enjoyed doing on work experience so far is finding out what people have done to raise money, such as Nicky Buckingham who raised a fantastic £50,000 for the appeal from her cake sales. It just amazed me what people can do and how dedicated people are to raise money for something that they truly believe in. Not only have I got a taste of what it’s like in a workplace, but I’ve also got a chance to work with a group of lovely people. I think the best part of having work experience here is the amount of responsibility I have been given. It surprised me because I didn’t think that I would be given the chance to do jobs such as writing emails or opening post. It’s funny for me to say in the morning “Bye Mum, just going to work!” – that always makes me have a little giggle.

I think one of the biggest challenges I faced while I’ve been here was probably picking up the phone. “Hi….err…. this is the National Brain Appeal…I’m Rosie….um…I’m on work experience” was maybe not the best way to start a conversation from a person on the other end of the phone. That’s another thing I’ve learnt – how to answer the phone (eeekk!).

I’ve heard what people would like to do – wedding donations instead of presents or climbing up mountains. It’s heart-warming at what people have done, each idea so different, but all for the same thing: raising money for funding advances in neurology and neurosurgery and helping save the lives of others.

At the moment I’m working on the Pyjama Party. It’s such a great idea and a nice way for friends and family to get together and have a good time while raising money for The National Brain Appeal. I’m planning on having an assembly in my school to raise money for the Pyjama Party. Not only will this be for a brilliant way to get as many people as possible to get involved but a chance for the pupils to make fun of the teachers if we manage to get them in come in their pyjamas to school!

My two weeks here have been a brilliant opportunity and I hope that all campaigns raise as much money as possible – it is such a brilliant cause.

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