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Pyjama Party gets animated

We’re lucky enough to have some amazingly talented people working with us to raise money for The National Hospital. One of those is our brilliant (and award-winning!) graphic design agency, Radford Wallis.

Once again they have donated their time and creativity to support us and this year they’ve made us a short animated film to help promote our annual Pyjama Party.

“We’ve worked on Pyjama Party marketing materials since the first campaign in 2012 and loved creating the ‘little people in nightcaps’ pictograms. They help to illustrate some of the diverse fundraising activities possible to people.

“I guess we’ve secretly had a desire to bring them to life – they seem to have a personality of their own,” says designer Laura Evans. “We really hope their fun adventures are able to encourage people to create their own event or activity to raise money for the charity.

“We have a great time joining in with the Pyjama Party,” adds creative director, Graham Birch. “In the past, we’ve donned our nightwear for a pub crawl to bars with ‘head’ in the name, which was so much fun. We also enjoyed a chilled-out fundraising film night in our PJs last year.

“Having worked with The National Brain Appeal for several years now, we’ve become familiar with many patients’ stories, many of whom owe their lives to the hospital,”  says Graham. “It’s a real privilege to work with The National Brain Appeal and help them to raise money for the hospital which will then be used to improve and save people’s lives.”

Please help to spread the word about Pyjama Party by sharing the animation on social media. And it’s never been easier to sign up for your fundraising pack and nightcap – just click here.

Laura and Graham (RW)

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