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“Our Pyjama Party was so easy – and fun”

Last year we threw a Pyjama Party at our office and we all had a brilliant time. We decided to get involved because here at Newhall Publishing, we produce Candis magazine on behalf of Candis Club – and we featured the National Brain Appeal in a few issues. Candis Club teamed up with TBNA as part of the fundraising initiative, The Big Give, and matched the funds for one of its campaigns.

We always love to keep in touch with the charities that Candis supports and when we read about the Pyjama Party fundraiser from The National Brain Appeal’s e-letter, we decided to have some fun and support a good cause at the same time.

As we often hold fundraising events here at Newhall, organising the PJ Party was really easy – we simply put out a message on our intranet and reminded everyone by email a couple of days before. Then posters were put up on doors so everyone was reminded again when they left for home. It really couldn’t be any easier.

The next morning we all came to work in our PJs and held a competition for the ‘best dressed’. Everyone had so much fun and although visitors were a little surprised to be met at the door by someone who looked as though they had just got out of bed, they were very supportive and many contributed to the fund!

Everyone who wore their PJs made a donation of at least £1, and the few who didn’t were asked to contribute double. Overall, £100 was raised by staff and as Newhall has a charity donation matching policy this was increased to £200.

We all loved the day and although one or two people initially had reservations about wearing their PJs in public, it didn’t cause any problems at all. It was actually one of the most comfy days at work we’ve ever had! I’d recommend any business to give it a go and see how it can boost staff morale while doing something worthwhile at the same time.

Christine Blackford, Newhall Publishing


Posted on October 6, 2015 4:10 pm

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