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One step ahead

Jess, one of our Fundraising Co-ordinators, always has her diary open six months in advance. Here’s why…

My work calendar always seems to be a little bit at odds with the weather outside: I seem to be thinking about Christmas in June and in the hottest summer we’ve had in years, I was researching different kinds of pyjamas. When it comes to wintertime, everyone else is getting festive and I’m planning summer fundraising events.

My role means that I always have to be thinking and looking at least six months into the future and for an event to be successful it means both selecting the things that are right for us and preparing for them way in advance.

As a tiny charity (there are only six of us but we all have big ambitions), we’ve found that it’s important to be selective about which events we organise. As an organisation, we are sometimes limited by the size of the team and, some unlike larger charities, can’t feasibly organise a different event every month. 

This is one of the reasons we decided to create our flagship fundraising campaign: the Pyjama Party. I think it’s important for us to use the resources and energy of our team, recognise what we can do and put everything into making our events really brilliant.

This is only its second year but I’m already so excited about the ideas that have been flying in with our registrations. I can’t wait to wear my own pyjamas to work again … though may get some funny looks on my commute in!

If you’re inspired to take part our Pyjama Party campaign, you can sign up here today for your free fundraising pack.

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