Hello. My name is Simon Clark. I am epileptic and badly dyslexic (my sister is helping me write this) so sometimes feel quite isolated and I have to confess when The National Brain Appeal contacted me to offer me a pair of Olympics tickets that had kindly been donated by one of their supporters I was quite apprehensive. However 8th September 2012 ended up being a day I will never forget.

A friend, Alan, agreed to go with me and we got the train to the stadium. I was given an electric wheelchair for my safety although probably not in the best interest of the safety of the general public and I think Alan may have tyre grooves in his feet now! I didn’t know what to expect of the park but found it breathtaking. When we went round before our session in the stadium I couldn’t believe just how gigantic it was! I had great fun exploring with the help of my new toy and with Alan trying to make sure the chaos I created was limited!

When we got into the stadium it was impossible not to be swept away by the atmosphere and get even more excited. As I watched the events that evening I was humbled by the athletes who had overcame their disabilities to be great and compete as equals in front of the world. Although I have a lot of support from family and The National Brain Appeal who have helped me going on several fundraising walks, the evening was an emotional one for me – it made me feel inspired seeing people who were missing limbs and having other significant disabilities competing as equals in front of the world having their few minutes of well earned glory. As we went home that evening I think Alan was relieved to see me part with the electric wheelchair and I felt humbled, inspired and not alone – there are other ordinary people out there with more problems than me who achieve great things.

What I would like to see in the next Olympics is instead of there being a separate Olympics and Paralympics that they should be combined. Why these great athletes should be in effect segregated because of their disability!

8th Sept 2012 will forever be a reminder to me that just about any problem can be overcome if you work hard enough. I would like to express my great thanks to the donors of the tickets for giving me this opportunity, to Alan for getting me there and back and sharing the evening with me and The National Brain Appeal for nominating me to have the tickets and for all the support they have given me over the years enabling me to go on their fundraising walks and achieving my own great things.