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Mission Possible Dinner

Mission Possible ticket

Saturday 12 May 2018, Lansdowne Club, Mayfair

*Tickets are nearly sold out! To buy your tickets please call the office on 020 3448 4724 or email Abbie on*

Mission: to raise £100,000 to benefit three key projects at The Centre for Neuromuscular Diseases, Queen Square.

1) The Day Care unit has an area outside the infusion room which at present cannot be accessed even on the hottest days of summer. Money raised from this event will be used to improve patient comfort by firstly raising the safety bar on the perimeter to meet with health and safety regulations for the space to be accessible to patients. We then hope to create a peaceful and aesthetically pleasing outside space with comfortable seating and plants.

2) Education – the Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS) play a crucial role in the management of all patients in the Neuromuscular Centre (MNC) but have an especially critical role in the care of patients on IVIg – in hospital and at home. We are very keen for CNS to start on the Masters Degree pathway. Apart from improving patient care, this will lead to improved nurse education as well as nurse-led research and publications cementing the MRC Neuromuscular Centre’s role as a leader in Neuromuscular Diseases in the UK and internationally.

3) Research funding is required for continued research especially in immune mediated peripheral nerve disorders.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to join us for a black-tie dinner with comedy and musical entertainment.

Tickets are £150


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