“Our latest issue of The National should have landed on your doorstep by now. As we were going to press, there was a lot of uncertainty around the lockdown and coronavirus outbreak. We hope this issue provides a welcome distraction, and kindly request that if you’d like to make a donation at this time – where possible – you make it using the online donation function on our website.

“We have also updated our Emergency Care Fund to have a wider remit – not only do we want to support the staff with any hardships as a result of this crisis, we have increased our scope to support patients who are in need – perhaps because they are unable to get clothing or personal effects from home. Where we can, we will consider all such requests. As the Covid-19 situation rapidly develops, we will adapt to the most urgent need for our fantastic NHS staff and the patients here in Queen Square.

“Please take care and look after yourselves.”

Theresa Dauncey, Chief Executive, The National Brain Appeal


MARCH 2020

“I know the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus outbreak is unsettling. I wanted to let you know what steps The National Brain Appeal is taking in response to the to the situation. 

“We want to support the incredible team at The National Hospital during this challenging time – from the doctors, nurses and pharmacists to the porters, domestics and support staff. They are working under immense pressure, putting themselves on the frontline and taking on longer shifts to care for patients, including an increasing number with Covid-19 coronavirus.

“The National Brain Appeal has set up an Emergency Care Fund so that we can provide immediate and practical assistance where it is needed. This could include supplying personal hygiene products such as toothbrushes/toothpaste that they can access for free during and after their shifts. But we also want to have funds available to support the staff with any hardships as a result of this crisis and in the immediate aftermath. Please consider making a donation to the appeal today.

“The health and safety of our charity team is a priority, so following the government’s advice around the spread of coronavirus, most of us will now be working remotely. We’ll be doing our best to respond to our supporters as quickly as possible, but please do bear with us. We’re all contactable on email, so do try this first as it may take longer to respond to postal or telephone enquiries. You can email us at info@nationalbrainappeal.org with any general enquiries.

“Secondly, when it comes to our events and challenges programme, again, we are following current guidelines. For example, our annual lecture had been planned for early June but we are rescheduling it for the autumn when, hopefully, the situation will have improved. Please do keep an eye on our website for updates, or stay in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram where it will be business as usual, and it would be lovely to hear from you.

“As a charity, we are doing everything that we can to ensure we can continue to fund the amazing and life-changing projects in Queen Square and we truly hope we will be able to continue counting on your support over the coming months. At the same time, we recognise that many people will be financially impacted by the current situation and that our fundraising income is likely to fall substantially. We are working hard to put alternative plans in place but at this point, all we can ask is, if you can help and make a donation, please do.

“We hope to return to normal service soon. In the meantime, please take care and look after yourselves.”

Theresa Dauncey, Chief Executive, The National Brain Appeal