Our annual art fundraiser, A Letter in Mind, is our creative way of raising money for Queen Square.

This will be our fifth year and the theme is ‘A Way With Colour’. We’re hoping for a kaleidoscopic response from artists, illustrators, designers and creatives.

The study of colour has stimulated the imaginations of both artists and scientists for centuries, from its cultural connotations to how we perceive it. Colour enriches everything in our environment, yet our relationship to certain colours is intensely personal.

All you need is a simple envelope as your starting point and the rest is up to you.

The artwork envelopes will all be priced at £85 and sold anonymously at the exhibition at the gallery@oxo, Oxo Tower Wharf in London, in aid of The National Brain Appeal, from 27-30 September 2018. The works will remain anonymous until they are sold but the names of the artists will not be revealed before the end of the exhibition.

Registration is now open!



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