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Brains Of Britain Quiz

With the rise of virtual quizzes bringing households together during lockdown, we are excited to announce the launch of Brains of Britain! We are calling on you to write and host a quiz, either online over Zoom during lockdown or out in your local community once restrictions have been lifted and raise some vital funds in aid of The National Brain Appeal.

We are working on a quiz pack which we can send to you, but in the meantime, here are some tips to help get you started:

How to Plan your Quiz

  1. Where and when?

Find a venue! You will need to find a space big enough to accommodate your guests, so try looking into community halls/church halls/local pubs/local schools. Some may charge you for hire, but pubs (especially midweek when they are less busy) are often happy to let you use their premises for free if you bring in lots of thirsty customers to buy drinks (and food). Alternatively, if the pub already hosts a quiz, why not speak to the quiz master and see whether they would be happy to host a fundraising quiz in aid of The National Brain Appeal?

  1. Raising money in aid of The National Brain Appeal

Early on in your preparations (and for use in any publicity) you will need to set an admission charge and this will be your main source of income. Try to talk to people who already run local quiz nights to get an idea of the ‘going rate’ locally per person/per table. You could also think about doing a raffle half way through the quiz. For prizes, local businesses could be asked to contribute – for example a meal for two at a local restaurant, a pair of cinema tickets, haircut vouchers, bottles of wine etc.

  1. Pulling in the quizzers

Publicity is key for a successful quiz! Consider putting up posters at the chosen location and other places such as churches, libraries and community noticeboards.  Social media can help too – why not set up a special Facebook event page?  Information on admission charges and on the prizes for the winners should be included in the publicity.

  1. Practical preparations

We suggest four to six groups of questions – each one with around 20 questions.  You could devise your own questions on various topics e.g film and TV/sport/current affairs – but there are a number of useful websites whose questions may be downloaded for free. Some examples are:

 Best Pub Quiz

 Fun Quizzes

 Ready Made Pub Quiz

As your quiz is to raise money in aid of The National Brain Appeal, why not include a ‘brain round’? Drop us an email to request a list of questions about the brain to start you off.  And don’t forget to provide pens and answer sheets for quizzers.

  1. On the night

Get each team to come up with a name for the evening. The quiz master should ideally use a microphone – if not, a strong clear voice will be needed.  He/she should speak slowly, repeating each question once and should try to throw in some quips during the proceedings to add to the entertainment value of the evening. The quiz master’s word is final in all disputes. 

    Make sure you have a half time break for people to get their drinks, snacks etc. and to buy any raffle tickets.  Before getting started again, someone could say a few words about The National Brain Appeal, its fundraising work and the impressive scope of research and direct work with patients who benefit from this.  In this way you will encourage additional donations and perhaps inspire others to undertake a fundraiser.

    1. Afterwards

    Count and record the money you raise and send it to us, ideally within seven days of the event. It is very important of course to thank your guests and helpers and let them know how much they have helped to raise.

    1. How we can help

    We have plenty of fundraising materials that we can send to you to help make your quiz night a success. Please get in touch with us if you would like balloons and bunting to decorate the venue and a t-shirt/sashes for the organiser and quiz master to wear.

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