Bump and his brain raise over £2,000

Bump’s Brain is the story of a baby boy who has overcome huge challenges. Here, his mum tells us about their fundraising sleepwalk in Liverpool in aid of our recent Pyjama Party. You can read more about their journey here.

In February 2013, at our baby’s 20-week scan, we discovered he had a large, midline arachnoid cyst, agenesis of the corpus callosum and missing septum pellucidum. We were in a bit of shock and as the doctors couldn’t really give us a lot of information, I took it upon myself to scour the web looking for all I could find. This was pretty unsuccessful so I decided to start a blog to try and reach out to people who may be going through the same as us. I wrote to a few places for help, but to no avail.

I then found The National Brain Appeal website, read all the information about what they do and contacted them asking for information. They very kindly wrote back to me saying they were sorry for what we were going through and that they would help promote my blog to see if it would reach someone who may be going through a similar experience. Thanks to their help with this, my blog started to get more views and people started to get in touch with suggestions of who I could speak to.

Whilst we may not have a specific connection to The National Hospital – our son is treated at a different hospital near to where we live – we are hugely grateful to The National Brain Appeal for their initial help. The work they do to help people like our son is amazing. It’s quite shocking the amount of people who are affected by a neurological disorder and, until my son was diagnosed with his condition, we weren’t aware of the numbers. It is important that more awareness is raised so that more help can be given to these people.

You always imagine when you become pregnant that everything will be perfect – when you find out things aren’t going to be that way it can be quite a blow. Knowing there is someone out there who will try and help at a time when you feel incredibly alone, is such a comforting feeling. This is exactly how The National Brain Appeal made me feel. It was like someone giving me a massive hug when I really needed it and I will be forever grateful to them.

We wanted to say thank you and help the Pyjama Party campaign by organising a sponsored pyjama walk. On 19th October, 45 of us (fully kitted in onesies and other delightful sleepwear) took part in a sponsored 7km walk around Liverpool City Centre. Everyone made such an amazing effort and some even wore wigs and rollers in their hair. We had all ages, from babies to grandparents taking part and it was a great day.

Cassie Williams - Pyjama walk(2)

We certainly turned quite a few heads and were stopped by a few people asking who we were raising money for; a couple of these people even said they were going to look at The National Brain Appeal’s website as they knew people who may benefit from their help.

To date we have raised over £2,000. There is still a lot of money to be collected and I cannot wait until we get the final total.

I’m incredibly proud of everyone who was so willing to take part and how much money was donated. I hope we have raised a little more awareness of the fantastic work of The National Brain Appeal and The National Hospital.

You can read more about the Bump’s Brain walk and see some fantastic photographs here.


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