This year, we have fundraisers taking part in runs which stretch from shorter 10ks to 26 mile distances. One key date in the diary is the Virgin London Marathon and with only two months to go we thought it a good time to welcome our marathons runners to Queen Square for our very first Runners’ Reception on 7 February. Led by personal trainer, Elliot Bulley, we discussed training tips, fundraising ideas and how to deal with the dreaded ‘wall’.


–  Stick to your regime. It might be hard at times but try to follow your plan. It’ll give you a sense of achievements and easier to keep track of how you’re doing.

– Challenge yourself. Mix up your routes to keep things interesting. Take part in other events, such as 10Ks or half-marathons which are achievable milestones.

–  Train in all weathers. “If you can run in the rain” said Elliot “you can run in anything”

– Stretch! Stretching strengthens muscles so that they last longer and prevent injuries from occurring. Do dynamic stretches before you run like leg swings or knee kicks. Afterwards do static stretches, holding your muscles in one position.

Eat right

 – If you don’t eat properly, you’re bound to get energy crashes and muscle cramps

– Be sensible. Don’t think that sugar highs will get you round

– Instead, have complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, pulses, porridge as well as apricots, oranges, plums and pears.

 On the day

 – Print your name on your running top so people on the sidelines can shout your name

– Take an old jumper to keep warm at the start and throw it to the side once you begin. They’ll be collected and donated to charity

– Warm up with jumps, stretches and brisk walking

– The first few miles are busy so try not to play catch-up by running too fast: run your own race, don’t ruin your own race

– Stay in your starting zone: Matt, one of our runners, altered his zone from 8 to 3 and found himself with the elites!

– Hydrate all the way around. Sip don’t glug and take sweets, bits of banana or glucose gel for an energy boost.

Download Elliot’s tips here