The Innovation Fund enables The National Brain Appeal to award grants of between £50,000 and £150,000 to the world-leading clinical and research teams at Queen Square.

We recognise how essential it is to invest in the latest technology and innovation. Sadly, overstretched NHS budgets and complex processes to pinpoint these innovative ideas mean that opportunities for progress are being missed.

One of the major problems faced by clinicians and researchers today is the lack of initial funding to get pioneering ideas quickly off the ground.

The Innovation Fund will ensure that ideas go quickly from ‘bench to bedside’ so that clear progress for patients can be achieved.

We are delighted to have awarded our first Innovation Fund grant of £66,000 to the following research project:

Improving the success of skull-base tumour removal

Successful neurosurgery in patients who have tumours at the base of the skull is dependent on removing as much of the tumour as possible, while minimising the risk of facial nerve paralysis. This is currently a potentially devastating complication of this type of surgery causing people problems with communication and lack of confidence.

Led by Mr Jonathan Shapey, a team of researchers at The National Hospital have designed advanced imaging methods to improve surgeons view of the tumour and facial nerve and other critical structure during surgery. we have awarded Dr Shapey a grant of £66,000 to enable a feasibility study to be carried out with 20 patients, to validate the new system and enable them to design a future research study to determine its effectiveness in improving patient care.

Each year around 300 patients undergo this type of surgery and will potentially benefit from a vastly safer procedure with far less devastating potential complications.

Our panel of experts including three of our clinical trustees: Professor Michael Hanna, Professor John Duncan and leading neurosurgeon Joan Grieve along with The National Brain Appeal’s Chief Executive, Theresa Dauncey, will review the applications for funding regularly throughout the year. We hope to award the next grant in early 2019.

We are searching for Ambassadors for Innovation to support this initiative. Ambassadors will be people who can commit to donating a gift of £2,500 per year to the Innovation Fund over a three-year period.

If you would like further details on The Innovation Fund or becoming an Ambassador for Innovation please email Jane Ferguson.

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