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Three cheers for Radford Wallis!

You may have noticed on Twitter or Facebook that we’ve been counting down to a website launch. If you’ve missed what we’re getting excited about, take a look at the Pyjama Party website, which officially kicks off our second Pyjama Party campaign.

To build the site, we worked again with Radford Wallis, the design agency who created our new brand back in 2009. Since then, they’ve supported us with everything from event materials to print literature – and even took part last year in our first ever PJ Party, donning nightcaps for a ‘Head to Head’ pub crawl!

RW Pub crawl

Last year, we were so inspired by people’s endless imagination and we really wanted to get across all the possible fundraising activities that people could take part in. We knew the new site would have to generate a sense of excitement so that people would want to get involved.

Graham Birch, Creative Director at Radford Wallis, explained how we reached the final result: “we created a series of pictogram people to demonstrate the different ways of fundraising, the twist being that they always wore the nightcap to identify themselves as part of the Pyjama Party.

Icons in grid

The pictograms are inclusive for everyone – describing activities without giving clues to age, race or sex. We had fun with them – the more active ones able to parachute in or climb up the side of a page. They seem to have taken on a personality of their own!”

Radford Wallis also created an “Ideas Generator”, so you can have a bit of fun by clicking through all the different possibilities.


Have you had a go yet? What are you waiting for?!

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