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Spinning their way to success

On 18 October, a team with a very personal connection to The National Hospital raised  £3585 by cycling 320 miles without leaving their offices. How did they do it? Read on…

We were inspired to do something for The National Brain Appeal, as we were so touched by the story of our company founder Mr John Caulfield. He was a patient of The National Hospital and for many years battled with a degenerative brain disease. His daughter Regina, now Managing Director of the company, made us all aware of The National Hospital and how they are paramount in the field of research into neurological disorders, which now affect one in six people in the UK. We were all so moved that we made contact with the fundraising team and it was then that we realised just how totally committed and passionate about fundraising Jess and the team at The National Brain Appeal are. We all wanted to do something, even on a small scale, to raise as much money as we could.

Our team eventually decided on a Spin-a-thon, which was to be held outside our offices in Cookstown. The Spin-a-thon would consist of 32 half hour sessions with two bikes being pedalled each session.

We enjoyed every minute, from brainstorming around the idea and being inspired by John Caulfield and Regina’s connection to the charity, to putting the poster design together and engaging Workspace, Rea Sound and all the other kind people who were more than happy to support Caulfield’s and The National Brain Appeal.

The event took place on one of the wettest days of the year so far and everyone was feeling a little apprehensive about the weather. However as the saying goes ‘’Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain”. So off we went at 9.00am and by noon we were well on our way to reaching our goal of £1000.The team of spinners took turns to ensure the bikes kept spinning for the entire eight hours, which clocked up on average ten miles per half hour alongside live music. So in total 320 miles were cycled that day – the equivalent of cycling from The Giants Causeway to Cork! When our slots were up on the bike we took to the streets of Cookstown with collection buckets, where we left no stone unturned in the hunt for donations. We were overwhelmed by the kind and generous donations from the public.

Jess was always at the end of the phone if we needed help, and many thanks to her for providing all the supporting items such as t-shirts, hats, collection tins and balloons. Having the supporting merchandise makes such a huge difference and validates what you are doing toothers.

The JustGiving page was also very useful and is the best place to start if you are thinking of organising something – remember, it doesn’t matter how big or small your ideas are!

Putting yourself ‘out there’ really challenges you. Organising a fundraising event made us all appreciate the efforts others make on behalf of charities every single day and in return we all got a fantasticsenseofachievement.

It also gave us ideas for another event that we plan to organise, and how we could do it even better next time!


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