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Putting the summer to good use

We always like to profile our amazing volunteers and this month, we’ve asked Charlotte to step forward. One of her key responsibilities has been to help us prepare for the Magic of the Mind dinner in June – thank you for all your hard work, Charlotte!

Hello, my name is Charlotte and I have just completed my second year of a BA Linguistics degree at University College London.

During my first year, I signed up to the UCL Volunteering Society and I would receive weekly emails alerting me to volunteering opportunities. It was one of these messages that notified me of the existence of The National Brain Appeal – immediately I knew that it was a charity that I wanted to work with so I got in touch with Tallulah and Jess.

 I began working in the offices the week following the end of my exams. My role varies, so one day I might be in the office registering new donors and the next cheering on people participating in sporting events for that charity. Most recently, the focus has been upon Magic of the Mind, a fundraising gala dinner.

The weeks preceding Magic of the Mind were really busy! I helped to create filing systems to ensure the event ran smoothly, sent tickets to guests and even created two hundred paddles for the live auction.

On the night of the event, alongside my fellow volunteers, I welcomed guests to the reception, and offered them information about the charity. Throughout the evening I was responsible for looking after a number of guests, ensuring that they knew how to use the iBid devices, and spotting their bids during the live auction. It was this communication with the guests that was my favourite part of the evening; it was lovely talking to new people, and learning about how they got to where they are in life.MoTM

 Steve Mould was another highlight – listening to his fascinating set was like sitting in one of my lectures, just in a new and exciting setting! Hearing that the event raised over £25,000 on the night made me immensely proud to be part of such a worthwhile cause.Smould

I love being involved in the charity. My aim is to work with brain-damaged patients when I graduate, and so seeing the work that goes on behind the scenes is invaluable. I wasn’t aware of The National Brain Appeal before I began here, but now that I am, I feel I was naïve to think that one could treat patients without the support of such a charity. Just one example that sticks in my mind is the philanthropic lot at Magic of the Mind; this was a dynamic clamp to aid research into epilepsy and I hadn’t realised that a charity could fund such important hospital equipment. I really enjoy working in the office, and timetable-allowing, hope to continue with the role next year.


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