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Life in the Cat's Lane

by A.S. Cat

292 pages, 19.8 x 13 x 1.8 cm, published by

The diary of a defiant pussycat challenged by a squirrelous dog! Its supposed author is a self-styled British tom, A.S. Cat, whose meowings have allegedly materialized into a 12-month, 290-page rant against his owner for bringing “a demon dog” into puss’s household.

Ghost written by Diana Comber, proceeds from sales of this book will be channelled into further development of the National Hospital’s dementia research organisation which has become the centre of excellence for all European endeavours relating to brain diseases. The perfect gift for all cat and dog lovers.

£3.50 for postage and packaging will be added to your whole order. If you live outside the UK, please email Jess Broad to process your order.


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