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“I get extremely passionate about my job!”

I started working for The National Brain Appeal as a fundraising coordinator at a busy time for the charity in November 2015, when Christmas was in full swing.

My role is focused on the charity’s own events such as gigs and gala dinners, managing Christmas (cards, sales and our annual Carol Concert) and organising our annual art exhibition – ‘A Letter in Mind’, which is held in the Oxo gallery. I also work very closely with the management and recruitment of interns and volunteers.

I have worked within UCLH and the charity sector for three years as a fundraiser and a volunteer coordinator and feel very passionate about what I do. I can see the impact of raising these much-needed funds to help improve the care for patients here at Queen Square. I’m really excited about 2016 – my current focus is on planning upcoming events, and this year we’re introducing an evening of wine tasting, which should be great fun. Watch this space for dates and tickets.

In the run up to Christmas I worked at our sales stall and enjoyed meeting the patients and chatting to the hospital staff, including Michael, the driver of the ambulance that The National Brain Appeal funded. He told me about all the amazing patients he drives to and from their appointments – and how much he loves what he does.

When I started I was so shocked by the statistic that one in six people are affected by a neurological disorder. But maybe I should have realised how common neuro issues are as I’ve had personal experience with my family and friends being affected.  On top of this, my partner has been diagnosed with Cauda Equina Syndrome, a very rare condition. His symptoms started with severe back pain and he was admitted to The National Hospital on Christmas Eve 2014. Thankfully, the surgeons and care team at Queen Square diagnosed the condition quickly and operated, and the condition currently seems to be under control. This experience and those of others I’ve spoken to make my job a very personal and worthwhile one, and I get extremely passionate about what I do here!

One thing you won’t know about me is that I am a qualified personal trainer and enjoy doing a lot of strength training, including bodybuilding. I love challenging myself and won my first trophy last year in my first-ever professional competition, so if you ever need a hand with training for events − or you just need someone to pull a bus, I’m your girl!

See you at one of our many events!


Posted on January 28, 2016 4:50 pm

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