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From Scrubs to scrubs

We are over the moon that Funzee, the one-stop shop for onesies (seriously, the selection is endless…) is our official Pyjama Party supporter. Mark Heselgrave, owner and founder, spoke to us about why his team will be supporting us next month.

The idea for Funzees started in 2007. I was looking to buy an adult onesie as an amusing present for my son, who’s a big fan of hospital comedy Scrubs. There’s a great episode where the main character, JD, is wearing a onesie to bed but is forcibly taken out to a bar by his mentor, Dr. Cox, while still wearing his “jammies”.

We found the concept really funny and I immediately began looking for an adult onesie for my son, both online and in various retail outlets, but couldn’t find anything that matched what we were after. So, you know what they say, “if you want something done right, do it yourself!”

Since then, Funzee has grown, branched out into other countries and developed an entire range of different designs and products; we’re always looking for new and fun ways to help people feel comfortable without breaking the bank.

Six years later we still remember our light-hearted roots and so when we were approached by The National Brain Appeal to help raise money to re-develop the Operating Theatres at The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery we jumped at the chance! We believe that a business should represent its employees, owners and customers as much as possible and that any business has as much duty to contribute to a charity as do the people that make it up. We also see a natural link between the Pyjama Party and our sleep suits so we are hoping that we can encourage our customers, the majority of which are students, to support this worthy cause in any way they can.”

Supporters of The National Brain Appeal will be holding their pyjama parties between Saturday 19 October and Sunday 27  October and Funzee is appealing to students up and down the country to get involved in aid of the charity.

Funzee have very kindly agreed to offer free Funzees to selected party goers, as well as supplying Funzee raffle prizes for a few lucky winners. And, as if that wasn’t enough…

– Between 1 September and 27 October, customers can take advantage of a whopping 15% discount in the Funzee online store at (just enter BRAINAPPEAL at the checkout)

– 10% of the value of all product sales made online during this period will be given as a donation to The National Brain Appeal

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