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If you would like to skydive on behalf of The National Brain Appeal the process is simple and easy.

How it works:

  1. Book your jump through your chosen company
  2. Pay your jump deposit to the skydive company
  3. We ask that you raise £500 for The National Brain Appeal, however the minimum sponsorship can vary between companies
  4. If you’ve raised the minimum sponsorship amount, the company can invoice us the cost of your skydive and this will come out of your fundraising total. The remainder of your sponsorship will come to The National Brain Appeal
  5. Take the plunge!


Please note: once you have registered with your chosen skydiving company, you need to register with us to secure your fundraising for your skydive.

Please email Alexis or give her a call on 020 3448 3324 for more information and to book your skydive today!

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