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Pyjama Party season kicks off!

Pyjama Party is now ON! We had some eager supporters who held their fundraising PJ spin cycle class before our two weeks of fundraising kicked off – and had a fantastic time in the process.

Fran Mauri and Julie Stoner share a love of exercise, both being regulars at indoor cycling sessions at CychoCycle in London. They have also both faced neuro conditions this year and have undergone treatment at The National Hospital. The great news is that Fran and Julie are now well on the way to recovery, so they and staff at CychoCycle decided to support our annual Pyjama Party event. Read more

Our best Pyjama Party ever!

Wow, what a week it was! Thank you to everyone who took part in our annual Pyjama Party fundraiser.

We’ve been bowled over by the number of you taking part this year, and by all the innovative ways you’ve come up with to raise money. Read more

Exclusive! Sophie’s Pyjama Party menu

Are you gearing up for Pyjama Party week which kicks off this Saturday? We hope your onesies are at the ready!

This year, the number of you signing up to take part has been overwhelming. We are so excited to see the imaginative fundraising ideas that you all come up with! If you’ve signed up but haven’t made plans yet it’s time to get those thinking caps on! Read more

Pyjama Party gets animated

We’re lucky enough to have some amazingly talented people working with us to raise money for The National Hospital. One of those is our brilliant (and award-winning!) graphic design agency, Radford Wallis.
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Spinning their way to success

On 18 October, a team with a very personal connection to The National Hospital raised  £3585 by cycling 320 miles without leaving their offices. How did they do it? Read on…

We were inspired to do something for The National Brain Appeal, as we were so touched by the story of our company founder Mr John Caulfield. He was a patient of The National Hospital and for many years battled with a degenerative brain disease. His daughter Regina, now Managing Director of the company, made us all aware of The National Hospital and how they are paramount in the field of research into neurological disorders, which now affect one in six people in the UK. We were all so moved that we made contact with the fundraising team and it was then that we realised just how totally committed and passionate about fundraising Jess and the team at The National Brain Appeal are. We all wanted to do something, even on a small scale, to raise as much money as we could.

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Bump and his brain raise over £2,000

Bump’s Brain is the story of a baby boy who has overcome huge challenges. Here, his mum tells us about their fundraising sleepwalk in Liverpool in aid of our recent Pyjama Party. You can read more about their journey here.

In February 2013, at our baby’s 20-week scan, we discovered he had a large, midline arachnoid cyst, agenesis of the corpus callosum and missing septum pellucidum. We were in a bit of shock and as the doctors couldn’t really give us a lot of information, I took it upon myself to scour the web looking for all I could find. This was pretty unsuccessful so I decided to start a blog to try and reach out to people who may be going through the same as us. I wrote to a few places for help, but to no avail.

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Creepy Crawlies Around the Clock

Dr Rebecca Nesbit from the Society for Biology explains how their twenty-four hour lecturethon and sleepover coincided perfectly with The National Brain Appeal Pyjama Party.

I never thought that pyjamas would raise the profile of entomologyand epilepsy – but here goes.

On the evening of 13th October, the Society for Biology celebratedc Biology Week in an unusual way: an international twenty-four hour ‘lecturethon’ and an office pyjama party.

Professor Adam Hart from the University of Gloucester was going to speak for a whole twenty-four hours, hence the pyjama party my colleagues and I decided to hold in solidarity. Adam and I had worked together on a house spider survey and flying ant survey, and he wanted to go even further to share our love of ‘creepy crawlies’. Part of my role at the Society of Biology is to organise Biology Week, a celebration of all aspects of the life sciences, and this seemed like an appropriate time to do it so plans were underway well before I had heard of The National Brain Appeal. Read more

Greased Lightning

Around 9.30pm last night, a stream of people in their PJ humming songs from a musical, dispersed into the streets around London’s Oxford Circus. Some had slippers on their feet, others were in animal-printed onesies and many wore nightcaps. If you’re wondering what on earth was happening, this jolly bunch had joined our Pyjama Party held at the beautiful Courthouse Hotel.

The lobby had begun filling up with people around half 6 and it was wonderfully bizarre to see people at the bar doing double (or even triple) takes at the fact they were sharing their post-work drinks with people in dressing gowns and slippers. One couple had really gotten into the swing of things; she had her hair in curlers and her partner sported a marvellous 50s-style quiff.

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One step ahead

Jess, one of our Fundraising Co-ordinators, always has her diary open six months in advance. Here’s why…

My work calendar always seems to be a little bit at odds with the weather outside: I seem to be thinking about Christmas in June and in the hottest summer we’ve had in years, I was researching different kinds of pyjamas. When it comes to wintertime, everyone else is getting festive and I’m planning summer fundraising events.

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From Scrubs to scrubs

We are over the moon that Funzee, the one-stop shop for onesies (seriously, the selection is endless…) is our official Pyjama Party supporter. Mark Heselgrave, owner and founder, spoke to us about why his team will be supporting us next month.

The idea for Funzees started in 2007. I was looking to buy an adult onesie as an amusing present for my son, who’s a big fan of hospital comedy Scrubs. There’s a great episode where the main character, JD, is wearing a onesie to bed but is forcibly taken out to a bar by his mentor, Dr. Cox, while still wearing his “jammies”.

We found the concept really funny and I immediately began looking for an adult onesie for my son, both online and in various retail outlets, but couldn’t find anything that matched what we were after. So, you know what they say, “if you want something done right, do it yourself!” Read more

Three cheers for Radford Wallis!

You may have noticed on Twitter or Facebook that we’ve been counting down to a website launch. If you’ve missed what we’re getting excited about, take a look at the Pyjama Party website, which officially kicks off our second Pyjama Party campaign.

To build the site, we worked again with Radford Wallis, the design agency who created our new brand back in 2009. Since then, they’ve supported us with everything from event materials to print literature – and even took part last year in our first ever PJ Party, donning nightcaps for a ‘Head to Head’ pub crawl!

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A helping hand

When you think of the word ‘impact’ a fair few things spring to mind – but what about the word ‘mosquito’? Now I know what you’re thinking: what has a mosquito got to do with anything? But riddle me this for a moment – “If you think you’re too small to have an impact, try being trapped in a room with a mosquito”

Hi there, my name is Natasha Iny (that’s me on the left of this photo), and I am currently doing my best at attempting to be The National Brain Appeal’s very own mosquito. I’m on a mission to make some kind of impact for this wonderful cause.

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A book at bedtime

Over the past few months we have been asking our followers to tweet their favourite bedtime stories – and the response has been really interesting. As a poll last year revealed, whatever our age, we still love the tales from childhood with a final shortlist including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Five on a Treasure Island, Where the Wild Things Are, Each Peach Pear Plum and the number one favourite The Gruffalo.

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