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Pyjama Party season kicks off!

Pyjama Party is now ON! We had some eager supporters who held their fundraising PJ spin cycle class before our two weeks of fundraising kicked off – and had a fantastic time in the process.

Fran Mauri and Julie Stoner share a love of exercise, both being regulars at indoor cycling sessions at CychoCycle in London. They have also both faced neuro conditions this year and have undergone treatment at The National Hospital. The great news is that Fran and Julie are now well on the way to recovery, so they and staff at CychoCycle decided to support our annual Pyjama Party event. Read more

“People often want to give me their brain!”

Tina Somorin is The National Brain Appeal’s administrative assistant and helps the office to run smoothly. Read more

Posted on October 6, 2016 2:57 pm

“Nelson brings real joy to the patients”

Meet Nelson. He’s huge. And hairy. He’s also incredibly calm, affable and intuitive. He has the perfect disposition to work in The National Hospital.

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Meet the hospital staff running the Marathon

The London Marathon is the biggest single fundraising event in our calendar – and this year we have an impressive 24 runners making up our fantastic #TeamBrainAppeal. With just a short time left until race day on Sunday 24 April, we caught up with two runners who both work for UCLH – and wanted to raise money for The National Brain Appeal − Katie Herron and Sean Hession.

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Posted on April 15, 2016 11:07 am

“It was my dream to work at Queen Square”

It felt like a homecoming when I returned to The National Hospital last year, and began a shift as a newly-qualified nurse. I’d imagined this moment for a few years – and it all started when I was lying in a bed in the very same hospital recovering after brain surgery in 2010.

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Posted on March 14, 2016 8:50 am

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