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Three cheers for Radford Wallis!

You may have noticed on Twitter or Facebook that we’ve been counting down to a website launch. If you’ve missed what we’re getting excited about, take a look at the Pyjama Party website, which officially kicks off our second Pyjama Party campaign.

To build the site, we worked again with Radford Wallis, the design agency who created our new brand back in 2009. Since then, they’ve supported us with everything from event materials to print literature – and even took part last year in our first ever PJ Party, donning nightcaps for a ‘Head to Head’ pub crawl!

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Small Acorns take seed

You may remember that May saw the launch of our Small Acorns Fund, a grant programme for small projects suggested by members of staff at The National.

The results are in – and of the seventeen individuals who applied, we were delighted to award over £25,000 to six innovative and life-changing proposals. The successful projects focus on improving the lives of people at The National, whether that’s through pieces of specialist equipment, training for staff or rehabilitation programmes.

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Stuck in the middle…

… or bridging the gap?

Last month we joined in with celebrating Small Charities Week and as I write, small really is beautiful. I find it hugely encouraging that there are so many programmes and resources to help small charities.

The criteria for these programmes are often are aimed at charities which turn over less than £1.5 million. It got me thinking about what happens when, like us, your turnover can straddle either side of that mark. One year we may be under, one year we may be over. Is The National Brain Appeal small, or are we medium? What happens when sometimes you qualify and other times don’t? Read more

Putting the summer to good use

We always like to profile our amazing volunteers and this month, we’ve asked Charlotte to step forward. One of her key responsibilities has been to help us prepare for the Magic of the Mind dinner in June – thank you for all your hard work, Charlotte!

Hello, my name is Charlotte and I have just completed my second year of a BA Linguistics degree at University College London.

During my first year, I signed up to the UCL Volunteering Society and I would receive weekly emails alerting me to volunteering opportunities. It was one of these messages that notified me of the existence of The National Brain Appeal – immediately I knew that it was a charity that I wanted to work with so I got in touch with Tallulah and Jess.

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Q&A with Elizabeth

Elizabeth Kornat became a Trustee of the charity in 2010. Though she describes herself as new to this role “learning as I go along”, she has been instrumental in helping to support our Small Acorns Fund . We wanted to learn more about Elizabeth’s role and why TNBA is so important to her… Read more

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