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A helping hand

When you think of the word ‘impact’ a fair few things spring to mind – but what about the word ‘mosquito’? Now I know what you’re thinking: what has a mosquito got to do with anything? But riddle me this for a moment – “If you think you’re too small to have an impact, try being trapped in a room with a mosquito”

Hi there, my name is Natasha Iny (that’s me on the left of this photo), and I am currently doing my best at attempting to be The National Brain Appeal’s very own mosquito. I’m on a mission to make some kind of impact for this wonderful cause.

About two years ago my mother was suddenly struck down with a mystery illness. The woman who is my world, the person I looked up to all my life, the lady who had always been a picture of health, was slowly deteriorating  before me as I helplessly looked on. Following tireless battles trying to unearth what it was she had, it came to light that she was suffering from an autoimmune disease. After waiting for what seemed like a life time, she was finally referred to the miracle sanctuary that is The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Queen Square – where her consultant, Professor Hanna, worked quickly to get her the suitable treatment that she so very much needed.

After receiving her first treatment and watching her condition improve before my eyes, I had an overwhelming desire to somehow show my gratitude for everything the staff and fellow patients did to help support and treat her. I found out about the The National Brain Appeal through my mother’s consultant and almost immediately called up the offices, pleading with them to take me on as a volunteer at their next event.

That event just so happened to be The Midday Feast – probably one of the best fundraisers I have ever been to due to the fact I was actually encouraged to don my pyjamas and bed socks in public for an entire day!!

I had such a blast helping out with the feast and managed somehow to convince the amazing TNBA team to take me on at their headquarters once a week.

Since then, my role at the TNBA includes anything from ploughing through beauty products for the Christmas bazaar- to gathering raffle prizes donated by unbelievably kind hearted local businesses – and even organizing a potential art auction for summer 2014. I have also managed to fundraise a little, getting charitable donations from friends and family to help support this fantastic cause.

To be honest, when I think about it – I cant imagine my life without The National Brain Appeal in it!  To quote Charles Dudley Warner:

“It is one of the beautiful compensations of this life that no one can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.”

And there is not one single Wednesday that goes by when I don’t leave the TNBA office without a smile on my face, in the knowledge that we are that much closer to helping people that truly deserve it.

It has been so overwhelming to witness the acts of kindness that exude from fellow individuals that go out of their way, in a multitude of manners, to help the charity and those people the charity work to support. Observing this really reinforces my faith in human kind.

I have learned so much since starting at the TNBA – but the biggest lesson, the one that stands out the most is: like a mosquito you are never too small to make an impact. However little – it makes all the difference.

Not only are we at TNBA lucky enough to have Tasha’s energy and enthusiasm, her mum Naomi has also joined us as a volunteer! If you are interested in becoming a TNBA volunteer or intern please email Jess Broad or phone 020 3448 4724, we’d love to hear from you.

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