A book at bedtime

Over the past few months we have been asking our followers to tweet their favourite bedtime stories – and the response has been really interesting. As a poll last year revealed, whatever our age, we still love the tales from childhood with a final shortlist including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Five on a Treasure Island, Where the Wild Things Are, Each Peach Pear Plum and the number one favourite The Gruffalo.

Of all the children asked, over 40% said that their favourite story was one which had been imagined and made up by their mum, dad, grandparent or babysitter.

It is a reminder that for all our patients at The National, no matter what age, night can be the loneliest and the scariest of times. Reading at night or being told a story provides great comfort and through the Pyjama Partycampaign, important funds will be raised to further the treatment and care of those at The National.

Joanna David, actress and trustee of The National Brain Appeal said: “Both Emilia and Freddie adored me reading Orlando the Marmalade cat to them when they were little and it’s wonderful to see my granddaughter getting the same enjoyment out of it that they did.”


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