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Spinning their way to success

On 18 October, a team with a very personal connection to The National Hospital raised  £3585 by cycling 320 miles without leaving their offices. How did they do it? Read on…

We were inspired to do something for The National Brain Appeal, as we were so touched by the story of our company founder Mr John Caulfield. He was a patient of The National Hospital and for many years battled with a degenerative brain disease. His daughter Regina, now Managing Director of the company, made us all aware of The National Hospital and how they are paramount in the field of research into neurological disorders, which now affect one in six people in the UK. We were all so moved that we made contact with the fundraising team and it was then that we realised just how totally committed and passionate about fundraising Jess and the team at The National Brain Appeal are. We all wanted to do something, even on a small scale, to raise as much money as we could.

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Once again, a big thank you to Peregrine’s Pianos

For those of you attending our Carol Concert you might like to look out for a very special donation centre stage…

For a second year running, Peregrine’s Pianos have very kindly donated one of their pianos for our Carol Concert on the 12th December.

Situated on the corner of Guilford Street, Peregrine’s Pianos are very close to The National Hospital and have a connection to community events and charities in the local area, having supported both ourselves and the Bloomsbury Festival in recent years. In October, Peregrine’s Pianos also hosted the BBC Young Musician of the Year 2014 knock-out rounds in their studio space.

Blog image - Schimmel Upright

This year, Peregrine’s Pianos have given one of the latest model Schimmel upright pianos which will accompany the choir.

We’re so grateful to Dawn Elizabeth Howells and all her team at Peregrine’s Pianos and can’t wait to hear the piano in all its glory.

For tickets to the carol concert, order online today.


Bump and his brain raise over £2,000

Bump’s Brain is the story of a baby boy who has overcome huge challenges. Here, his mum tells us about their fundraising sleepwalk in Liverpool in aid of our recent Pyjama Party. You can read more about their journey here.

In February 2013, at our baby’s 20-week scan, we discovered he had a large, midline arachnoid cyst, agenesis of the corpus callosum and missing septum pellucidum. We were in a bit of shock and as the doctors couldn’t really give us a lot of information, I took it upon myself to scour the web looking for all I could find. This was pretty unsuccessful so I decided to start a blog to try and reach out to people who may be going through the same as us. I wrote to a few places for help, but to no avail.

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